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Six weeks after my brother David died, I saw him along with a number of deceased people including my two grandparents and two close friends. This life-changing event occurred as I rode my horse through a Christmas tree farm.

For the first time in six weeks, I had been able to release my mind-numbing grief and open my heart to love, as I thanked the universe for a beautiful day; and there was my brother.

I had no psychic or spiritual training prior to this moment.

My goal for publishing Change Maker is to empower everyone to know we each can communicate with loved ones that have died.

Each chapter of Change Maker explores spiritual beliefs and understanding, includes an original black and white illustration by Micki McAllister and ends with an “Illumination” – guidance, suggestions, encouragement, and inspiration for readers who wish to pursue their own spiritual journey. Hundreds of books read during my initial communication experiences, as I tried to understand what was happening to me, are included as resources.

Read An Excerpt from Change Maker that describes the first moment I saw my brother David in human form. Enjoy the Illumination specifically designed for this pivotal chapter.

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