I Used to be Normal, Then I Got Bored: Trusting There Is More…

Author: Nancy Arael

Becky’s Comments: Quick and easily read stories by my awesome first shamanic teacher. Practical and workable techniques for increasing spirituality in our lives.



I Used to Be Normal, Then I Got Bored is a journey of one woman from a place of total insecurity and lack of self-worth into a strong, spiritual woman who travels in faith knowing that each step is Divine. Not only is it her story, but it is also a guidebook and an inspiration for others who may be suffering, or who know they want to break out of a life that no longer serves them but are still to afraid to take the leap. Arael is an example of how following your dreams and inner guidance can lead to a very fulfilling life. A quote she often uses is, “When you come to the edge of all you know, you are given one of two things, land to stand on or wings to fly.”