Spirituality and Occupational Therapy: A Model for Practice and Research

Author: Tamera Keiter Humbert

Becky’s Comments: Dynamic clearly presented spirituality principles inherent in Occupational Therapy. Includes a multitude of resources from industry leaders.



Many occupational therapy clients value spirituality and view it as an integral part of their identity and well-being. Recognized in the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework as a client factor, spirituality and its related occupations can influence clients’ ability to cope, rehabilitate, connect with others, and find meaning. Practitioners need to be able to address spirituality in an occupation-based context to improve client outcomes and well-being. This exciting new text provides a comprehensive review of spirituality in the occupational therapy literature, examining the nuances of how it is understood throughout the profession in research and practice. The text provides a philosophical and theoretical foundation for understanding spirituality’s role in occupational therapy and provides practical guidance to help practitioners better connect with and serve clients.