Waking Your Dreams: Unlock the Wisdom of Your Unconscious

Author: Emma Mellon, Ph.D.

Becky’s Comments: Insightful and fascinating dream book. Filled with helpful creative wisdom by a caring and spiritual psychologist.



The Answers to the Meaning of Your Life Are in Your Dreams 

Looking for a new direction, but don/t know which one to take? Are you feeling dissatisfied in relationships, but don/t know why? Feeling frustrated about a conflict at work and can’t seem to solve it? Much of the time, the solutions to life/s biggest challenges lie in your unconscious self–where dreams are born. Learning to tap into the messages of your dreams can enable you to finally take charge of your life. And Waking Your Dreams shows you how.

Emma Mellon, Ph.D., who has been using dream theory and analysis with her patients in her private practice for over fifteen years, takes you through a thought-provoking step-by-step look at dreams and offers a guide to understanding the particular meaning of dream symbols and images and how they apply to your life. She also explores the wondrous world and benefits of daydreams. In Waking Your Dreams, Dr. Mellon teaches you:

  • How to step back into your dreams to speak and understand their language
  • Discover the meanings of people and places in your dreams
  • Ways to use your dreams to master daytime problems
  • How to enrich your life with the power of daydreaming

Waking Your Dreams is a powerful tool and wise companion on your journey toward wholeness.