My brother David died 20 years ago. It was the worst day of my life. Yet, six weeks after he passed, I saw him healthy and well. He looked about ten years younger than when he transitioned. We immediately shared love and reminisced. Communicating with David was glorious.

Since then, I have conversed with dozens of loved ones that have “died.” I never had this ability before David’s death and frankly, I didn’t believe it was possible to talk with a dead person.

Over 8 million adults in the United States have afterlife experiences according to the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). Dawn and dusk, the in-between times, are frequent visitation periods. Often people see “dead” loved ones in their dreams, and describe the experience as “other worldly,” “powerful,” and “very real.” Years after their visualization, folks can still accurately report minute details of their special dream.

Many individuals describe warmth, tingling or a light touch that feels like their deceased love one’s presence. People will often see an animal, symbol or sign that occurs when thinking about a loved one who transitioned. Butterflies, a special animal and bluebirds are familiar sightings. Sometimes electrical issues like a TV or radio independently turning on/off or lights flickering when the dead person’s name is mentioned will occur. All these are common signs that a person who has passed on is trying to contact us.

The first step to communicating with loved ones that have died is to Believe it’s possible. People who have transitioned do not want to interfere with our earthly lives and need to know you “want” to communicate before they will continue.

If you believe you have received contact from a deceased individual, send sincere love and thanks from your heart. This will encourage continuation of the contact. Communication will usually stop if the person who died feels additional conversation will make you sad, nervous or scared.

I have frequently questioned my sanity and thought I was crazy to believe I could talk with David, and others that have passed on. Yet, each experience has been an astonishing adventure that readies me for additional spiritual collaboration. 

It is possible to communicate with loved ones that have died. Trust your intuition, believe contact is possible and you too can develop the ability to communicate with your loved one that has died.